# How To Rapidly Build A NodeJS REST API with Fastify, PostgreSQL, and Swagger Documentation

This multi part video series is a chance to learn one of my curated workflows for quickly building a REST API with Fastify, NodeJS, and Postgresql that is self documenting and able to be scaled very easily for much larger projects.

# You Will Learn How To:

  • Build API's lightning fast with NodeJS and Fastify
  • Write API's that are robust with request/reply data validation, autogenerated documentation, and easy to follow
  • Basic PostgreSQL schema creation
  • Leverage Cloud SQL providers
  • Run a PostgreSQL database in Docker
  • Use SQL tools to manage your data
  • Signup and authenticate users securely and authorize them for access to their resources with fastify-session
  • Build a basic REST API that can Create, Read, Update, and Delete Notes data
  • Full text searchable your API using only PostgreSQL - even match on words that contain typos!
  • Automate your API testing workflows with Postman

If you want to skip straight to the code, go ahead and peek at the Github repo here:

Otherwise, lets get started below!

Video Tutorial